We will all be there. How about you?!
We will all be there. How about you?!
We are planning reunion 2! This reunion will be aboard Royal Carribean's Visions of the Sea. We will spend 7 days cruising from Galveston Tx, beginning March 11, 2019. Ports of call include Roatan Honduras, Puerto Costa Maya MX and Cozumel Mexico. LaCharles James is managing ticket sales and payment plans for the cruise. Contact him at 424-666-7361.

​We will be handling all other payments related to the reunion from this site. 
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Guest Purchased Tickets
GiGi Bartlett
Joycena Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Karen Bartlett
Latoya Bartlett
McKim Bartlett
Tijonna Bartlett
Tijwana Bartlett
Tony Bartlett, Jr
Tony Bartlett, Sr
Freddie Mae Hill (Thompsn)
Cynthia Graham (Ethridge)
Vernon Ethridge
June Hill (Turner)
KeiAna Thibodeaux
Kerri Parish (Thibodeaux)
Larry Thibodeaux
Ciera Graham
Joanna Graham
Robbie Graham
Doreen Weed
Andrella Polnett
Sonny Hunter
Anita Murray (Carr)
Nahla Pickney Carr
Natalya Pickney Carr
Ralph Carr
Carlos Judge
Niecy Savannah
Carlos Hunter (Judge)
James N/A (Pryor)
Virginia N/A (Pryor)
Wava Gatewood (Cummings)
Simone Cummings (Cummings)
Donald Lawrence
Madison Lawrence
Nina Lawrence
Waymon N/A (Jenkins)
Mary Wilson (Coleman)
Gigi Boyce
Juila Boyce
Mckim Boyce
Tony Bartlett
Tiywana Bartlett
Bill Bartlett
Joycena Bartlett (Boyce)
Kaneka Murray
Virginia Pryor
Carlie Judge
Renee Beck (Judge)
Shanika Hunter
Tyrone Beck
Rosemond Hill (Scott)
Mary Fidelia Gatewood (Wilson)
Cynthia Ethridge ((Graham))
Glenda Graham-Walton
June Turner ((Hill))
Wava Cummings
Total 42